SONOFF SNZB-02 – Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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【Real-time Temperature & Humidity Feedback】Set the smart scenes to make your home at a comfortable level. Trigger the fan or humidifier when your home does not reach your expected environment. Check your mobile phone to get the sync data of the temperature and humidity.
【Easy Installation & Convenient】With a tiny shape and the help of 3M adhesive at back, it can be easily installed at any corner of your home.
【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If your Alexa has built-in hub, SNZB-02 can be directly connected to it without other Zigbee Bridge.
【Low-battery Notification】Replace the battery in time with a notification when the battery life is 10% remaining.
【Note】Zigbee Bridge and batteries are required. Keep a distance of less than 80M between SNZB-02 and Zigbee Bridge (open space). Alexa only supports checking temperature.

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Real-time Temperature & Humidity Feedback

Measure the temperature and humidity in real time, and sync data to your mobile phone in no time.Improve the Comfort Level of Your Home

Wish your home always keeps a favourable temperature and humidity? Enable the smart scene to make the fan automatically turn on when the room temperature reaches 28℃and the humidifier automatically turns on when the room humidity is below 45%RH.Install In No Time

Adopts 3M adhesives on the bottom of the sensor for flexible and fast installation on any surface of your home.Low-battery Notification

You will get a notification of low-battery level when the battery life gets 10% remaining.Share Once, Check Together

Simply share the sensor to your family and they can directly check the temperature and humidity on their mobile phones without pairing it.

SONOFF SNZB-02 Temperature And Humidity Sensor Real-time Sync Data Via e-WeLink App Work With SONOFF ZBBridge IFTTT Smart Home

SONOFF SNZB-02 is a Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor that can seamlessly work with SONOFF Zigbee Bridge to track the temperature and humidity change in your home, which all real-time readings can be checked on eWeLink APP. Better still, you can set a condition in the smart scene that is the fan is turn on/off when the temperature reaches the limit value, or the dehumidifier in your room starts working once the humidity is over higher, helping prevent the growth of mildew and allergens. You can set a smart scene to trigger alerts through events like high/low temperature, high/low humidity conditions and more. Device sharing function makes your kids, family, and even the neighbors informed about the environmental conditions of your home with their mobile phones. The camera feature is available on the sensor to make you know what’s go on in your home. It reserves time for you to take actions if a fire hazard arises. It is a battery-operated sensor that can be placed in any corner of your house to monitor the room temperature and humidity. Installation without any tool, simply stick the sensor on the surface of the wall or device and see it nicely to work for you!

Note: The battery level will be updated every 1-2 hours in order to save power consumption. If the device battery is not 100% when you change a new battery, please check it again 1-2 hours later, meanwhile, frequently enter pairing mode may cause a lower battery level display.



Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 45 × 19 × 49 mm

Product Type

ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor



Wireless protocol

Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)





Certified Compliance


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
muso steve

I now have several of these ZigBee temperature/humidity sensors distributed around my house. They have proven to be very consistent in their temperature and humidity reporting. The units are easy to pair. I'm using a SONOFF ZigBee gateway, running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. I have had no issues with drop outs (all units are on battery, so no power failures to worry about re-configurations after power loss). After 4-6 weeks, the batteries are still reporting 100%. These do use the large coin cell (2450 size) lithium, so I expect they will last over a year.

Smart thermometer is... not smart when using with Alexa

The whole device itself is OK.

But for some reason is not fully compatible with Alexa.

It provide temp value for Alexa but it can't be used for creating routines !!!

Yes Sonoff Smart Thermometer can't be used to create Alexa routines !!!

Alexa will not recognise this device as device which can trigger actions !!!

This is weird as other Sonoff product which I have the motion sensor can do this.

Sonoff please fix this ASAP or I want part refund for my order !!!

We apologize for the trouble caused by the SNZB-02; because the SNZB-02 cannot be used to establish a routine in Alexa, we have already contacted you and offered another solution; please check your email and we hope to hear from you soon.

Revised Review - resolved most issues

Revised again, these sensors are not a good product. Simply not worth the trouble. A reall pain in the arce to keep working. Most are back in the junk box!

Sorry for the trouble caused by the SNZB-02; we have contacted you again with another option; please confirm it and see if it helps.

Revised Review - resolved most issues

All sensors eventually connected. Three sensors initally failed to register but addition button presses during registration eventually worked. Freezer applications may stress specifications although some sensors did work. Battery life is still questionable but increasing reporting interval may help. Not thrilled with these but they are a good value and work as advertised with a little persistence.

David Beck
I have many Sonoff products, I'm NOT happy with this one

I have 8 or 10 of these. I wanted to use them in various places including my Refrigerators and Freezer. Three never worked, never connected to zigbee. Found a only a couple what would work in the freezer. The batteries don't last very long and most drop off the zigbee net and fail to reconnect without help. Other zigbee devices (Sonoff and Others) work reliability with few issues. Don't think this is a very good product. About half are in use, the remaining in the "dead" box...

Sorry for the inconvenience, our after-sales customer service will contact you later to help you solve the problem. And note that, SNZB-02 sensor's working temperature is -10℃~40℃.

Sebastien Guilbaud
6 sticks ordered, 1 defective, and support asks for a "video of the issue"...

when the hardware works, it works fine, but when there's an issue, be prepared for strange requests from support : they ask me to take of video of the issue "my stick does not join an existing zigbee network after router firmware flash, contrary to 5 other sticks from the same order"

Deric Zhang
Good value, accuracy varies

I bought three of these to try out with zigbee to mqtt and while they're working well, their values tend to be a bit higher than what's reported by other humidity sensors I have. This can be adjust in software so it's not a big deal. Overall, pretty useful and I really like the battery life (months) and form factor

Donald L
Handy and accurate device

I've implemented multiple Sonoff Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors and have been very satisfied with their performance.

Laszlo Illes
Works fine

The sensor works fine, however it is hard to remove back cover and it would be nice if bridge would notify me if a child-device is out of range. Actually if it has no signal from temp sensor the phone shows the last received value it got before. Very disturbing.


Works great. Unfortunately it does not like my big thick walls (1 meter). Yet, il close range, it works well.

SONOFF SNZB-02 - Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor
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