SONOFF SNZB-01 – Zigbee Wireless Switch


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【User-defined Button Fuctions】Through creating a smart scene on eWeLink App, customize the button actions as you want. Control multiple devices by Single Press/ Double Press/ Long Press.
【Compact volume and convenience】With a handy button, you can put it at any corner at home.
【Low-battery Notification】Replace the battery in time with a notification when the battery life is 10% remaining.
【Easy Installation】With its tiny shape, you can place it on the desktop for use. There is 3M adhesive at the back for sticking on the desired area,
【Note】Zigbee Bridge and batteries are required. Can not work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Do not install on the metal surface, otherwise it will affect the wireless communication distance. Keep a distance of less than 80M between SNZB-01 and Zigbee Bridge (open space).

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One Switch But Three Actions

Customize your smart home with various button actions to control more devices by single press, double press or long press.Three Actions Control Three Devices SeverallyOne Action Controls A Group of DevicesOne Action Controls One Gang on Multi-gang Devices

Control blinds with SONOFF 4CHPROR3 4-gang smart switch.

Handy Button, Handy Control

Engineered to a small unit and you can take it to any corner of your home for easy control.Control A Light at Two Locations

Support two-way control. Connect the button with SONOFF smart wall switches and it can turn off the light downstairs after you go upstairs.Low-battery Notification

You will get a notification of low-battery level when the battery life gets 10% remaining.

SONOFF SNZB-01 Zigbee Wireless Switch Smart Home Switch Low-battery Notification on e-WeLink App Work With Zigbee Bridge IFTTT

Note 2: SNZB-01 must be used with Zigbee Bridge.

SONOFF SNZB-01 Zigbee Wireless Switch is a mini and exquisite Zigbee wireless smart switch replying on SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro that allows you to reach the purpose of scene linkages between Zigbee devices (SONOFF BASICZBR3 DIY smart switch and S31 Lite zb smart plug) and Wi-Fi devices. The button switch is customizable with three control options - single, double press and long press, so you can, pretty easily, program routines and actions as simple as you require. One-tap pairing. It’s so much easier to pair it with multiple connected devices that you want to manage, just tap on the APP to get all devices paired. The brilliance of the button lines in its flexible movability, you can strategically place it or move it around your house to where it will be most helpful, then create a smart scene to make it work for you based on different button actions that you customized. Two-way control is even available for you to turn on/off the light from two locations. The button is battery-operated that your mobile phone will receive a low-battery notification when the remaining battery level is less than 10%, maybe it’s time to change the battery.



Additional information

Weight 33 g
Dimensions 45 × 19 × 49 mm

Product Type

Zigbee Wireless Switch



Wireless protocol

Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)





Certified Compliance


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Missing compatibility with home assistance once or the main orchestrators, so limit the utilisation for google users

Marcin Chojnowski
Works as advertised

Compact, well made, works fine

Not working

I have 2 switch not working, paired, battery ok but no click registered

May I know which hub did you use? Did you add the SNZB-01 to the ewelink app?


Works ok, never loses connectivity

A+ for SmartThings systems

Good connectivity, including SmartThings and a very good price.

Cheap and works great!

Will definitely buy more when I eventually need to do more automation.

Deric Zhang
Neat zigbee button

I had a smart light that I wanted to keep powered on but also able to switch on and off like a regular lightbulb with a physical button, this fit the bill. The response time is super fast (compared to something like an iot button) and I like that there are even three clicks (single, double and long press) that I can bind to different scenes/actions. I have noticed that sometimes the first click doesn't register, but it's not a big deal since it happens very rarely

Oscar Pinilla
Easy access to automations on your hand

We use it to easily activate scenes on HomeAssistant. Device was discovered at first try by the Sonof USB Dongle Plus, and I could define scenes for single push, double push and long press. Also publish information about the battery, which still is at 100% after a month of use. I can recommend this button for it´s size and functionality (really comfortable, even for small hands)

Great little button that does what it says it will

So many products are over sold and under deliver but these little beauties work very well out of the box. I have mine connected through Zigbee2MQTT as part of a Home Assistant setup and they were easy to join and setup through the HA web interface. I was going to use them to just switch on and off lights but I have found so much more possible with the different "clicks" that are recognised. Thanks for a great little switch SONOFF!

Does not work with Alexa not Google

Unfortunately this device works only with ewelink and does not show up in Alexa / Google.
Very disappointed as it it useless to me.

SONOFF SNZB-01 - Zigbee Wireless Switch