SONOFF L2 Smart LED Light Strip


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Diverse Selection Methods】Color palette, color circle, recent and classic color, various selecting ways for color changing. Enjoy the endless variations and real-time synchronization, more than 16 million colors.
Diverse Modes】21 recommended scene modes and up to 8 DIY scenes, define your own scene to better adapt your surrounding.
Work With The Sensor】Customize the scene and create an atmosphere when you at home.
Adjustable Brightness/Color in Scene】Not only turns on the light at any time, but also adjust the brightness, color temperature, and color in the Scene.
IP65 Waterproof】High flexibility, feel free to cut and stick with ease. Note: WiFi Controller is non-waterproof.
Note: You can connect an extra 5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L2. But make sure you add a power adapter and a LED signal amplifier after every 5M light strip. No matter how many meters the L2 smart LED light strip is connected, a Wi-Fi controller is enough.

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When the holiday season comes, everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. Light strips will be hung in front of the house. Here, SONOFF L2 can be used not only for the festival decorations but also for the additional lighting. No need to bother about spending more money on rewiring. With IP65 waterproof and 30 LEDs on every 3.3 feet, you can install L2 light strips around your swimming pool to light your home up. The 3M adhesive makes your installation with ease.
More than 16 million colors and real-time synchronization provide a zestful experience for your life. The real time data of R/G/B helps you capture the light strip's status. Except for R/G/B data bars, the color palette, color circle, recent and classic color provide various selecting methods for color changing. There are 21 recommended scene modes and up to 8 DIY Scenes. L2 can sync to any playing music and dance along to rhythm and beat.
No need to worry about the disconnecting anymore, BLE control helps you better control the light strip. Voice control with Alexa and Hey Google can help free your hands. Setting a timer help you turn on/off the light strips on schedule. Check out more possibilities right now!

Package includes :
1 * Light Strip
1 * AC Adapter
1 * Remote Controller
1 * Controller
1* Interchangeable AC Plug *3 (EU/UK/US)
1 * User Manual


Additional information

Input voltage

DC 12V



Luminous flux


Beam angle


Working humidity






Working environment

-15°C ~ 50°C

IP Rating


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Hagen
L2 is worst LED controller ever!!

I have approx 25 SONOFF products linked to my WLAN and EWELINK but only with L2 I have so much problems as with no other products. I have a 2.4 GHz b/g/n WLAN but this controller is not able to switch to WLAN because of the supporters 2.4GHz "b" WLAN Mode. First I thought my controller is damaged and ordered a new one but there was the same problem with 2 other L2 controller. I can pair with Bluetooth but thats it. No WLAN - no Group pairing! Better SONOFF should bring back the L1 controller without Bluetooth but WITH WLAN b/g/n because they work perfect!!! The L2 controller are the worst products of SONOFF ever! 1 step further with Bluetooth but 2 steps back because of the supported WLAN Mode!! And: the products should use the WLAN a customer has and NOT the WLAN should be changed for the product!! Especially when the supported WLAN Mode is the oldest and most useless one!

For stand-alone and in the near of the mobile phone it is ok but if you cannot switch it to wlan it is not possible to group it with the other LED controller as I want!

I am not interested in this product controller as I know that the "old" one works perfect! Please bring back the old one without bluetooth!!!

We apologize for the negative user experience; this problem can be fixed by configuring the router setting. we have sent you the solution, please check your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon. meanwhile, we have submitted the request to update the light strip WIFI controller for you, thank you for your feedback!

L2 Frequent WIFI Disconnection issues

I've recently purchased L2 led controller But after a couple of hours, it turns to Bluetooth only. The only way to fix that (temporarily) is to cut power and turn it on again only to see the same problem the next day. Please help

We apologize for the negative user experience; this problem can be fixed by adjusting the router setting, we have contacted you via email, please check your inbox and give it a try; hope to hear from you soon.

Andrey S.
Works, but there is a trouble

Works, but there is a trouble
LED controller high pitch noise

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Eleinec Bill
Great item, great support

I have these set up as under cabinet lighting in my kitchen.
Pair to Bluetooth without any issues. They work very well as advertised, with both remote control and the app. The price is quite amazing.

SONOFF L2 Smart LED Light Strip
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