SONOFF GK-200MP2-B – Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Camera (Cloud Storage)


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【Patrolling Without Blind Spot】Complete 360° coverage ensures each corner is visible.
【Two-Way Audio】View and communicate with your family anytime, anywhere.
【Motion Detection Alerts】An alarm notification will be pushed to your phone once someone is detected.
【Compatible With NVR Devices】Enable RTSP protocol on App to connect your NVR devices and the camera.
Trigger Event Recording by Sensor】 The sensor device triggers the recording of camera, such as DW2-WiFi door/window sensor, starts recording when detected the motion.
【Local & Cloud Storage】You can choose to save and share video with a free 30-day trial cloud storage of the Camera Plan or locally saved with SD card (sold separately).

Note 1: SONOFF GK-200MP2-B does not come with the plug by default, please choose the appropriate plug according to your needs.
Note 2: Please make sure the Wi-Fi password is not more than 32 characters in length and cannot contain special characters in the pairing process.

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APP Remote Access
Know what happened in your home via your smartphone even if you stay out.
Complete 360° coverage ensures every corner is visible

1080P Full HD Images
Capture crystal-clear images in 1080P high-definition resolution.

Even see Clearly at Night

IR night vision. Infrared LEDs are automatically activated in low-light conditions, ensuring a clear vision in the dark up to 15M

See, listen and talk with your little one anytime, anywhere
View any room on Alexa or Google Assistant device with a screen.

Interconnect Devices, Simplify Life

Add the camera on SONOFF smart devices which you can monitor every room directly on the connected device, no need to look for the one you want to view among many cameras

  The motion detection will guard your safety at night or when you are not at home. Once an abnormal movement is detected, the camera will alert you and automatically record video and save, and you will receive a push notification on APP. Connect with SONOFF door/window sensor or motion sensor, you can access and check instantly your home through the push notification sent by the sensor. Two-aydio talk makes it possible for you to make a sound to scare the thief away.

Reserved a network cable port to connect your network cable for stable video monitoring, avoid the interruption of video monitoring because of unstable Wi-Fi network

Wish to remotely monitor your home through your smartphone or tablet? Worry that uninvited guests intrude into your home when you are not home? Wanna see your baby or parents and talk to him directly from your room? Stop here, SONOFF Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Camera is what you need!

SONOFF introduce a unique new product that differs from other SONOFF products - Wireless IP Security Camera, which means SONOFF product lineup steps forward a new level with the new reliable IP camera. This camera offers outstanding full HD 1080P resolution and 360° wide monitoring angles to keep your home in a secure environment, day or night. Features IR night vision, motion detection and instant motion alert and two-way audio which always gets you to know what’s going on in your home anywhere, anytime. Supports max. 128G TF card to store your more precious memory. Plus, Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connection are available. Note1:Wifi password length does not exceed 32 bits, otherwise it maybe not connect to Wifi. Note2: The camera only supports memory card with C10 or higher reading speeds.

Note: If you want to know whether power adapter type is applicable in your country, please read here.



Additional information

Weight 326 g
Dimensions 116 × 116 × 103 mm



5V 1A



Lens Aperture






Operating System

(Android 4.1 & iOS 9.0) or higher

Video Compression Standard



IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Working Temps


Viewing Angle

340° horizontal/120° vertical


TFcard (Max. 128G)

Power Cable Length




Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Steeve Bradet
Excellent camera

Inuse mine to monitor my 3d printer. Excellent

Peter Humphries
Nice Basic Camera with Pan and Tilt

The pan and tilt controls are basic, but to have pan and tilt at this price point is a nice perk. The image is good, and you can either buy a power supply with the camera or use a 5VDC USB to 3.5 x 1.35 mm barrel power cable adaptor (positive centre).

It would be nice to have a still image URL and the ability to turn off the IR lights in night mode.

Peter Shaw
Power Me Up Scotty

The 5 volt connector jack/port is very unusually sized, THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN VERY CLEARLY STATED in the brochure and at check out not just that it requires a 5 volt transformer WHICH FOR SOME UNGODLY REASON one must pay extra for. I have two drawers full of various transformers and NOT ONE OF THE 5 OR 6 VOLT TRANSFORMERS has the correct male end...FOR THAT MATTER NONE OF THE 112 TRANSFORMERS I OWN HAS the correct fitting end!!! ... I started with a 3 star rating for these 4 cameras I've purchased as I've many other Sonoff products how ever after writing this and realizing how REDICULOUS selling SUCH a ODDLY DESIGNED product is I dropped it to one star...only because it will not allow me to give negative 3 stars!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID SONOFF IS NOW ON MY DO NOT PURCHASE LIST AND MANY OF THE PRODUCTS I ALREADY OWN WILL BE LISTED FOR SALE ON KIJIJI!!!

Sorry for the unpleasant experience, since the plug is not included in the box, the extra power adapter is required to power up the camera, we have contacted you to provide assistance thru email, please check your inbox.

Paul Philippov
good camera for the money

No nonsense camera that does its job. It lacks Onvif and PoE but provides rtsp so it can be used without a cloud. SoC is GK7102S, sensor is GC2053, WiFi module is Realtek RTL8188FTV. Maybe one day we'll see it supported by OpenIPC, who knows.

Christian Zuercher
Possibility to use POE

Why not modify my Cameras to be used with Power over Ethernet? I will add an Buck Converter to my Camera on Pin 4/5+7/8 for powering the Camera over the LAN-Cable. This way I don have to provide locally a Powersupply near the Sonoff. This would be great if already available on the Camera (used only for 12V Supply !!). Some POE 100MB/s Switches exist already.

Alan Fogarty
Recieved but not fitted yet!

Received my delivery eventual (not a Sonoff issue). I have not installed or used yet as they are for a new house being built!

However, it does not look too promising to me when I read the only two reviews on the product so far indicting 1 and 2 ⭐️ ratings and not good comments? I hope that my experiences will be better than the existing reviews?

Will report on my findings in the next 6 weeks.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Olivier O
Camera basique

Caméra basique, peu de réglages possibles image et déplacement saccadés. Vaut son prix mais pas plus.

Hugh Kojack
Very Handy

This small camera has a decent quality and easy to setup.
I am using it to monitor my dog and very happy with.

Fuad Valiyev

The camera shoots great. Only it is not possible to increase any object. delivery was fast.

T Kotze
The worst

I have two of them. They connect to the internet but when I try to log in to get video feed I only get please check if you're device is offline. I do have 8 other devices and they work perfectly. Just not sonoff

SONOFF GK-200MP2-B - Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Camera (Cloud Storage)