SONOFF D1 Smart Dimmer Switch


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【Stepless Dimmable】Set the dimming range you want and adjust the light steplessly at any time. Support to dim incandescent light bulbs and dimmable LED light.
【Open Device REST API】Connect and control the D1 with your existing home automation system like Home Assistant via LAN. Set up scenarios with different light intensities.
【Sunrise & Sunset Scenes】Keep track of the sun rise and set time of your location, so you can create a scene that activates at a fixed time, when the sun rises or when the sun sets.
【RF 433MHz Remote Control】Even easier dimming at hand, turn the light down casually with the RF 433MHz remote controller RM433 at the thrilling movie night, or on/off the light, enjoy an immersing moment.
【Adjust Party Ambience with Your Voice】Turn up/down the brightness level light with your voice command for a great atmosphere via Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

Note: the RM433 remote controller and base are not included.

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Due to popular demand, SONOFF eventually releases a new D1 smart dimmer switch. It excellently improves the lighting system in your home with different brightness levels. Turn on/off, brighten and dim the incandescent light bulbs and dimmable LED lights through the RM433 remote controller, eWeLink APP, Alexa or Google Home. The newly added sunrise and sunset mode are available in smart scene to activate your light when sunsets and inactivate it when sunrises. Amazingly, timing schedule and brightness setting can be enabled simultaneously in smart scene. It means that you can schedule the bed-room light to automatically turn on at 40% brightness at 7:00 AM and turn off at 100% brightness at 7:00 PM. There is a base for the RM433 remote controller which is used to be directly replaced your light switch and installed into the 86 type mounting box, everything looks perfect. Besides, the dimmer can be installed into the EU and US type mounting box. For the protocol document and the code for the DIY Mode tool (updating), please go to


Additional information

Weight 62 g
Dimensions 65 × 52 × 36 mm

Product Type

Smart Dimmer Switch

Max. current



100-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz


100-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz

Incandescent bulb


Dimmable LED


RF Band



IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Enclosure Material



62X47X32.5 mm

Certified Compliance


Works With


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Oren Perlman
Pairing issues

I'm a big fen of SONOFF, been using devices in the last 8 years for garage doors, liht and fans and some DUI access control.
Purchased two dimmers and two wall switches. Wall switches paired immediately, the dimmers can't be find when starting the "ADD" procedure, and one of the dimmers made popped sound when power restored, since that moment it doesn't turn on. Really disappointed with the dimmer experience...

Josue Brenes

the description of the product is correct, all the functions that are described work, I am satisfied!

A useless DIMMER.

It looks like a device designed for a market from a few years ago. I decided to switch devices from MOES to SONOFF but this dimmer is considerably worse than the other manufacturer's.
It doesn't have the input for external switches, this is a huge problem because it actually prevents you from being able to use it.
it's damn big and there's no support for it.
it is less accurate than that of the competition, my lamps have NEVER buzzed with the other device, with this even at 50% of the power they emit an annoying hum.

the software itead instead is better, on this there is no pargone. Better and more understandable graphics, some translation errors, however, still denote aspects to be improved

We apologize for the negative user experience; we have contacted you via email to gather more information about the problem you reported in order to sort them out asap; please check your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon.

Home automation

Works great! I can control the lights from anywhere i can connect to internet.

Remotely control light

Works really well with both phones and remotes. Love the ability to turn on or off the light from anywhere

paul kruger
Great DIY smart dimmer

Works great, very small little module, fits inside a standard box easily.

Jonathan Poulin

Produit vraiment simple d'utilisation et très petit. Peux être mis dans une boite électrique existante ou même dans le plafond. Plus besoin de passer de fil jusqu'à un commutateur mural!

Attila Batori
This is the best for this price!

This is the cheapest solution to control and dim lights with mobile app, alexa and google home.

Nick Whitworth
Great dimmer at a great price.

Great dimmer. I use it with LED bulbs and Home Assistant.

Works as well

Item was easy to install. I added it in the overhead light, between the switch and the light.
Dimming feature is great.
The ability to control via app and set schedules is awesome