SONOFF B02-BL/B05-BL Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb


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Bluetooth Pairing】Faster paring speed. Easily turn on the bulb through the eWeLink APP.
Adjustable Schedule/Scene Action】Not only turn on the light at any time, but also adjust the brightness, color temperature, and color in the Schedule/Scene.
E26/E27】Standard E26/E27 base. Meet your various needs.
Energy Conservation】Only 9.9kWh a year. Helps you save more electricity costs.
“eWeLink-Remote” Control】B05-BL is a smart LED bulb with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote“. If you want to use the “eWeLink-Remote” control function, you need to use it with the S-MATE or scene remote controller R5.
【Rhythm Live】In the LAN, your smartphone MIC will recognize the music and up to 10 bulbs can change the colors with music rhythm, integrating the music into lighting, make you feel it is an immersive corner.

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Want to adjust the color and brightness of the light in the scene mode? Try this SONOFF B02-BL/B05-BL Wi-Fi smart LED bulb, support APP control, voice control, and scene mode, and provide comfortable lighting with saving energy.

SONOFF B02-BL/B05-BL Wi-Fi smart LED bulb have Energy Star and Energy-Related Products certified. Compared with traditional bulbs, it rated lifetime can reach 15000 hours and only 9.9kWh a year, helps you save more electricity costs.

Compared with SONOFF B02-B-A60/B05-B-A60, Filament Bulb, this new LED bulb has a special function that you can easily adjust the brightness and color temperature in the schedule and scene to keep you in a comfortable environment.

The SONOFF WiFi smart LED bulb with a 2700K to 6500K color temperature range, and an 806-luminous brightness rating equivalent to a 9 W. It has an E26/E27 base and will fit any standard socket. And it compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, you can control the bulbs through vioce.

Package includes :
1 * B02-BL-A60/B05-BL-A60/B05-BL-A19
1 * User Manual


User Manual


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

B02-BL-A60, B05-BL-A60, B05-BL-A19

Luminous Flux



B02-BL-A60/B05-BL-A60: 230V AC 50Hz, B05-BL-A19: 120V AC 60Hz

Base Type

B02-BL-A60/B05-BL-A60 : E27, B05-BL-A19: E26



Power Rating



IEEE 802/b/g/n 2.4GHz



Operating Systems

Android & iOS



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marko Licen
incorrect ignition

when ordering light bulbs, it is not clear enough that they are different voltages 110v~ or 220v~ so I burned all 4 I bought, otherwise I repaired them and now they work. When selling, pay more attention to the importance of the difference between models.

Chen Min Lin

A19 就只有ITEAD 有賣,其他地方都找不到

paolo urciuoli
incorrect ignition

with the lamp off, if there is a power failure when the voltage returns the lamp switches on erroneously: unusable! the firmware is update.

Unable to set schedules and timers for BL05-BL

Unable to set on/off schedules or set timers for my BL05-BL lamp using eWelink, . It also indicates that it is off-line when it it is not. Able to do simple turn on/off on demand, and the "rhythm live" thing.

Model BL05-BL
Device ID 10016c1e56

Peter Casey
Poor connectivity B05-BL

It keeps saying it’s offline when it not, New timers and schedules fail to load or fail to execute when they have loaded.seems like poor error handling.

We have contacted you thru email for learning more info about the problem with this B05-BL bulb, please check your inbox, hope to hear from you soon.

B05-BL. Excellent lamp.

B05-BL. Excellent lamp.
I use it in DIY mode, in my own application "Lite Smart Light".
Works like a Swiss watch.
All declared functions in DIY mode work.
Look at the video.
Looking forward to new products with DIY mode.
More videos with Sonoff devices in DIY mode on my channel YouTube video placeholder
SONOFF B02-BL. Great device.

SONOFF B02-BL. Great device.
I use it in DIY mode, in my own application "Lite Smart Light".
Works like a Swiss watch.
All declared functions in DIY mode work.
Look at the video.
Looking forward to new products with DIY mode. YouTube video placeholder
Easy to use

Nice product excellent work

SONOFF B02-BL/B05-BL Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb