NX4832F035 – Nextion 3.5″ Discovery Series HMI Touch Display


NX4832F035 is a Nextion Discovery series 3.5” Resistive HMI touchscreen without enclosure and SKU is 6920075776812

• 3.5″ LCD-TFT HMI Display
• STM32GO ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 64MHz Onboard MCU Processor
• Fonts Creator with Versatile Character Encodings
• Low Learning Curve Text-based Instruction Set
• Support 15+ Amazing WYSIWYG Components
• New Nextion Cost-effective HMI Solution

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Hardware Feature

3.5” LCD-TFT Resistive HMI touch display module

480 x 320 screen resolution

RGB 65K true-to-life colours

Onboard ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 64MHz MCU

3584 Byte SRAM

16 MB Flash memory

XH2.54 4 Pins (+5V, TX, RX, GND) TTL serial interface


Nextion Editor Overview

Nextion Editor is a free human-machine interface (HMI) GUI development software for Nextion Basic Series, Enhanced Series, and Intelligent Series. The software offers an easy way to create an intuitive and superb touch user interface even for beginners. Add a static picture as a background, define functions by components, you can make a simple GUI in minutes. The easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCII text-based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads and develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way. The Nextion product is the best balance HMI solution between cost and benefit with a low and decreased learning curve.


Extremely Low Power Comsuption in Deep Sleep Mode

When the Deep Sleep Mode is activated, the device's working current is down to 0.25 mA. Your Battery-Powered HMI device will last a longer working time with such a low power consumption.

15+ WYSIWYG Components for HMI Development

Easy-to-use components to customized GUI at screen side allow you to develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way
1. Text 2. Scrolling text 3. Number 4. xfloat 5. Button 6. Progress bar 7. Picture 8. Crop  9.Hotspot 10.Gauge
11. Waveform 12. Slider ...

Free Simulator Debug

Debug the HMI project at any time even without the Nextion Display. The instruction input area allows you to send
any Nextion commands to check the feedback and interactions.

Fonts and Text Styling

The font creator allows you to generate the specific fonts applied in each component value or text attribute.
Generate the font of "Arial" with Height "24" and Encoding "UTF-8"

New image compression technique to Save More Space Usage

Image compression is achieved breaking the traditional 2 byte per pixel formula and allowing more pictures in the same amount of flash compared to Basic and Enhanced models.For example:
Add 319 images in NX4832F035 only takes 3.06MB, save up to 70% flash space.

UTF-8 Subset Reduce Font Space Usage

The Font Generator can generate a ZI Font using user-selected combinations of UTF-8 subsets. There are 142 subsets covered all language characters so you can create the HMI project with any language content text.

NX4832F035 VS NX4832T035










NX4832F035 Certification and Documents

Nextion Technical Support


Additional information

Weight 83.8 g
Dimensions 101 × 55 × 12 mm



Display Size




Touch Panel



64 MHz


16 MB


3584 Byte

Input Power

DC 5V 500mA


XH2.54 4P

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 85 °C

Working Temperature

-20 ~ 70 °C

Nextion Editor Components

Text, Scrolling Text, Number, Xfloat, Button, Progress Bar, Picture, Crop, Hotspot, TouchCap, Gauge, Waveform, Slider, Timer, Variable, Dual-state Button, Checkbox, Radio, QRcode

Character Encoding

ascii, utf-8, iso-8859-1~15, gb2312, ks_c_5601-1987, big5, windows-874/1255/1256/1257/1258, koi8-r, shift-jis

Anti-aliasing font


Product Dimensions


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Theodor Koch
quite satisfied with discovery displays

I use the 3,5" discovery display. It has all the features I need an saves money compard to the other displays. Shipment to the EU via GB is very convenient for the customer. I can pay customs at the post office.

Raymond Buck III
Worls Fine

I bought NX4832F035 to use as a controller for a shortwave receiver I am building. It works as intended. I loaded some example code I found online as an initial test. Once i confirmed display was working I started working on my application. The documentation needs to be better than it is. I found enough examples online to enable me to finish my project. The LCD and touch screen features work very well. The Nextion Editor is a great tool for development and debugging.

Valtteri Eklund
Good display

Easy to use and works great!

Michael Picco
Nice unit!

I have both the 3.5" and 7" units and one is almost ready for a project case. These are much easier to program than previous displays I've used.


I got the screen broken after transport.

Sorry for this transportation issue, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.


Really great product, I find the idea of ​​the manufacturers to weld the components on the flat cable innovative and flexible.
The 3.5-inch display has good graphics resolution and the CPU clock makes viewing smooth even under heavy loads. the code generated by the editor takes up 1/3 of the space it would occupy on the Enhanced Series version. I hope in the future, 4.3-inch LCDs can also be produced with the possibility of requesting pcb manufacturers with different configurations, for example the possibility of being able to solder an esp12f in case of need, or pads to solder sensors that will then be interfaced with your own. micro or the same ESP
The price for my taste is still too high, and this factor limits user testing. the editor guide should be updated or improved. I discovered features of this lcd that I didn't even think were possible because they were not documented correctly. Overall I have to congratulate the company that designed all this, you have greatly simplified the micro-lcd interface design

Theron Wierenga
Good product

Like the addition of the Waveform object. Simply the best overall graphic display. Easy to use once you learn to program it. It take lots of overload off the MPU that is used to drive it.

Good one

Very stable and robust as always. Nextion works just as we require it.

ki won lee
oen of the good HMI device.

I wish I could see more detailed graphic examples.

Peter Cusack
What else is wrong

The front page says that this has a capacitive touch screen. The specifications say that it has a resistive touch screen. What else has been rushed?

thanks for feedback, typo issue is solved now.

NX4832F035 - Nextion 3.5" Discovery Series HMI Touch Display
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