Nextion BOX Speaker


The Nextion BOX Speaker accessory is designed for Nextion Intelligent Series HMI displays without enclosure including 4.3″, 5.0″, 7.0″ ,10.1″ display size.

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To create a simple audio test HMI project in minutes

  1. Convert the audio file to wav format in VideoBox
  2. Add audio wav file in the resource panel
  3. Add two buttons for PLAY and PAUSE and configure the background of these two components
  4. Add audio component, initial the audio en parameter as "0" and set audio ID as "0"
  5. Coding "wav0.en=1" for PLAY button Touch Release Event
  6. Coding "wav0.en=0" for STOP button Touch Release Event
  7. Compile and upload the project

Applicable Model:

*Note: To Be sure that the Nextion HMI display working properly, please increase 0.5A for the working current of the display power supply. For example, The official power supply recommendation of NX4827P043-011R is DC 5V/1.0A, if you would like to use the Nextion BOX speaker,  the input current should be increased from 1.0A to 1.5A to ensure working stability.

Additional information

Weight 21.2 g
Dimensions 31 × 28 × 14.8 mm

Input Power


Frequency Range



1.25mm pitch 2-pin female connector (1.25T-2-2A)

Wire Length


Working Temperature

-20 ~65 ℃

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Nextion BOX Speaker
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