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eWeLink Web】No need to download or install. Just log in to your eWeLink account on a web browser. You can control your smart devices anytime, anywhere, wide view with larger screens.
Work with IFTTT】Enables numerous IFTTT applets to unlock endless possibilities. IFTTT links numerous third-party services with eWeLink, such as Location, Weather, Webhook, and other brands like SmartThings.
eWeLink Camera APP】View your local IP camera streams from multiple platforms, like phone, eWeLink web, Echo Show, and Google Nest Hub.
eWeLink Keyboard Shortcuts】Set up any keyboard shortcuts you want, then you can control SONOFF devices on your PC.
Larger Capacity】You can create up to 10 homes, 200 rooms, 1000 scenes, and 200 groups, and 100 shared users.

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eWeLink Camera APP
Converts your old phones into a useful IP camera for real-time monitoring,always keep an eye on your children,pets,fish tanks or any places you want to have a look at anywhere,anytime.

Do you know your eWeLink account can be more powerful? eWeLink Advanced plan offers you exclusive access to the most comprehensive features and amazing capabilities on the complete suite of eWeLink apps and services.

You can check and control your SONOFF devices via eWeLink Web on your PC for a wide-view screen. You can create more homes and rooms, create as many as 1000 scenes, share any device with more than 100 users, add up to 5 cameras in eWeLink Camera app, and up to 10 keyboard shortcuts. What's more, your eWeLink account can also work with IFTTT. And more features are in development...

Now, pay just US$9.9 for an entire year of premium service ~~


How to use the discount code for eWeLink Advanced Plan:

When you get an eWeLink discount code, you can follow these steps to use it -- to upgrade your account to an advanced plan.
1. Visit vip.ewelink.cc and fill in your eWeLink account in a box similar to the following:

*If you do not have an eWeLink account, please download the eWeLink App from google play store or apple store and register one first.
2. Enter your eWeLink account and click “Upgrade Now” to jump to the payment page; Enter the exchange code in the box of "Apply Discount Code" and click "Apply Discount".

3. After deducting the corresponding amount of the exchange code, click "Place Order" and follow the steps to complete the rest.

4. We will complete the account upgrade within 48 hours. After the upgrade is successful, a notification email will be sent to your email address connected to your eWeLink account. You can also check account level in the Personal Center of the eWeLink App.
5. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@ewelink.zendesk.com

Customer Reviews

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Just $9.9 one year, worth buying.

Diego Salafia
Sensori zigbee

Ho già installato una serie di vostri sensori collegati con un vostro bridge questi sensori però non riesco ad abbinarli alle funzioni gateway home ecc. invece se inserisco i sensori con il nspannel questi vengono visti. Il problema è che è laborioso riprogrammare tutti i sensori con ns pannell e poi i lontani non sono visti. Sono io che non riesco oppure è una funzione di abbinamenti dei sensori già installato non previsto grazie

Overpriced service still in beta phase.

I purchased this advanced plan thinking that it will make my life easier.

There is lack of consistency regarding support for some Sonoff devices.

There is a lot of work needed to do... to make this work right.

Simple example:

I can create scene using SONOFF SNZB-02 to triger some actions. The advantage of advanced plan is that using web interface instead of android app I can use decimal places for temperature. So I can create scene with 20.5C value.

At the same time I can't create scene using SONOFF TH Elite. I want use it as thermometer and create scene which will turn on or off device in other room. I can do it using android app but this app will not let me use decimal places for temperature. At the same time the web interface with advanced plan is telling me that this device can't be used to create scene.

Sonoff please fix this mess ASAP !!!

We are paying for fully working service and products !!!

We don't want to be lab rats and pay you money to let you do experiments on us !!!

Hi there, thank you for your feedback on this.
As you may know, the integration and the support to devices' capabilities on eWeLink can't be done in one go. Various types of the SONOFF devices need to be integrated into the eWeLink Web separately, and we are still in the process of integrating more devices on the eWeLink Web.

When supporting new device types on eWeLink Web, the first step is to make it visible and controllable directly. The next step is to support their power in the scene.

The eWeLink team is continuing to integrate more devices and improve the scene part, and SONOFF will keep pushing for progress on the work. Any other questions or confusion relevant eWeLink advanced plan, please feel free to contact advanced_plan@ewelink.cc.

eWeLink Advanced Plan
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