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Airspy R2 is an advanced open-source software defined radio receiver with adequate dynamic range, capable of sampling 10MHz of spectrum anywhere between 24MHz and 1.8GHz – and even beyond with extensions.

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Airspy R2 sets a new level of performance in the reception of the VHF and UHF bands thanks to its low-IF architecture, high quality ADC and state of the art DSP.

The coverage can be extended to the HF bands via the SpyVerter up-converter companion.

The Airspy R2, like its predecessor is 100% compatible with all the existing software including the de facto scanning standard SDR#, but also a number of popular software defined radio applications such as SDR-Radio, HDSDR, GQRX and GNU Radio.

For a more complete list of supported software, check the download page.

Supported platforms

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (For Windows XP, please contact the airspy team)
  • Linux
  • *BSD
  • OSX

Technical specifications:

  • Continuous 24 – 1800 MHz native RX range, down to DC with the SpyVerter option
  • 3.5 dB NF between 42 and 1002 MHz
  • Tracking RF filters
  • 35dBm IIP3 RF front end
  • 12bit ADC @ 20 MSPS (10.4 ENOB, 70dB SNR, 95dB SFDR)
  • 10MSPS IQ output
  • Experimental 2.5MSPS IQ output for low power devices (Raspberry Pi, Odroid, etc.)
  • Up to 80 MSPS when using custom firmware
  • Cortex M4F @ up to 204MHz with Multi Core support (dual M0)
  • 0.5 ppm high precision, low phase noise clock
  • 1 RTC clock (for packet time-stamping)
  • External clock input (10 MHz to 100 MHz via MCX connector) – Ideal for phase coherent radios
  • 10 MHz panoramic spectrum view with up to 9MHz alias/image free
  • IQ or Real, 16bit fixed or 32bit float output streams
  • No IQ imbalanceDC offset or 1/F noise at the center of the spectrum that plagues all the other SDRs
  • Extension ports: 16 x SGPIO
  • 1 x RF Input (SMA connector, up to 30kV ESD protection)
  • 1 x RF Output (Loopthrough, U-FL, 15kV ESD protection)
  • 2 x High Speed ADC inputs (up to 80 MSPS, U-FL, DC coupled, 15kV ESD protection)
  • 4.5v software switched Bias-Tee to power LNA’s and up/down-converters
  • 8 x programmable high speed gpio’s up to 100MHz
  • 3 x programmable synchronized clock outputs up to 160MHz
  • 1 x core CPU clock output
  • 1 x reset pin
  • 2 x regulated +5.0 and +3.3v pins
  • 1 x JTAG header
  • No drivers required! 100% Plug-and-play on Windows Vista, Seven, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Minimum hardware requirements

  • 3rd gen Intel i3 2.4 GHz CPU or equivalent
  • 2GB of RAM (to run your own OS, airspy barely needs 1MB of memory)
  • High speed USB 2.0 controller

Supported Software

Developer API

  • Open source multi-platform libairspy and airspy host tools at github
  • Open source airspy firmware at github
  • Linux kernel SDR API (by Antti Palosaari) at github

Pin and Port Assignments

AirSpy NOS R2 Pin Assignment

Packing list

  • Airspy R2 *1
  • Micro USB*1

Please click here to contact with Airspy Team, or go to Airspy forum to join the discussion.

Additional information

Weight 126 g
Dimensions 64 × 35 × 29 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Graeme Milne
Airspy R2

Have been using it for satellite data only at the moment .When i have more time i would like to try out other frequencies on the aviation band.
The Airspy R2 is a great product.
Excellent build quality,better bandwidth,excellent all rounder .
Had no issues with the micro usb.
The R2 has been on 24/7 since i received it and going well.

Receiver fantastic but MICRO USB sucks

My R2 Micro USB connector very delicate and it falls out, i wish that connector would be a little deeper so the Micros USB locks in. just a slight bump and or tap the plug comes out. Now the R2 Receiver is Fantastic. been using it on 6 meters a lot.

Evgeny E.

Thank you for the interesting product (Airspy R2 + Spywerter). Now it is possible to compare them with RSPdx.

Calder Young
Works better than my dead RTL-SDR

My old SDR constantly lost USB connection to my computer and kept crashing the software I was using. This SDR doesn't have that problem and the bandwidth is also much larger which is nice

Francesco Di Giovanni
So so - Updated review

Soso - Updated review

After my previuos review due of troubles with the micro USB connector and high noise level,
Itead kindly sent me a replacement of the Airspy R2.
Now the bad contacts with the micro Usb port disappeared and the noise floor is almost as the Airspy HF+ Discovery.
I also ordered the Airspy Spyverter to expand the frequency coverage.
Now I am very satisfied of the radio.
Thank you Itead for the top customer service, definitely a five star product!

Francesco Di Giovanni,, IN3XZP

Francesco Di Giovanni
So so

The Airspy R2 arrived rather quickly from Itead. My other two Airspy receivers (Airspy HF+ and Airspy HF+ Discovery) I have bought from Astroradio in Spain but they never answered when I asked for the availability of the R2 .

The noise is higher than the other 2 Airspy HF+ receivers tuned on same frequency.
But what makes me angry is its fragile and unreliable micro USB connector!
Every time I touch the receiver 50% of time it looses the connection with the pc.
I have tried with different new cables but they can't solve the issue. Why Airspy don't adopts the USB C connector? It is not much bigger than micro USB. The R2 Mini with its male USB A connector would have been the best choice...

Francesco Di Giovanni, IN3XZP

Hi Francesco Di Giovanni,
Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you.
After confirming, the Airspy R2 is broken. We can offer you a free replacement.
We will send an email to your email address to confirm you with the shipping address. After receiving your confirmation, we will arrange a shipment for a replacement for you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our email address is

Dilusha Samarasekara
Great product and great customer service

Excellent quality, fast shipping...

Jiri Spinka

Thank you for your email.Everything has been ok.

Jeffrey Bartlett
R2 during a pandemic

I was expecting a long wait for this item but it arrived rather quickly considering. Now to wait for the R3 to appear ..... 😉

Andre de Chauvigny de Blot
Great performance SDR receiver

Performance is outstanding. Soldering quality not so good.
I had to buy a new unit as the old unit miniUSB port solderpoints failed.
Fast shipping.

Airspy R2
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