3 Spooky Smart Home Tricks for Halloween

NSPanel and its support devices

Create a Startling Smart Light Show

What you need: SONOFF L3 Pro, NSPanel

How to do it: You can use L3 pro light strip to decorate your house wall, windows, or TV. You can DIY it to evil-looking pumpkins, creepy skeletons, or witches…With NSPanel, you can preset specific conditions for different Halloween scenes so that you can trigger them on Halloween night. In the various scenes, your light strip will flicker with different colors, like ghoulish green, blue, possessed purple, or an occult red, setting the terrifying mood indoors for your Halloween party, or while you watch a spooky movie.

Create Spooky Scene With Smart bulbs

What you need: B02/B05-BL, NSPanel, Philips Hue lighting(supported models)

How to do it: Start by placing the smart bulbs behind the decorations you already have hanging up and choose different colors to illuminate your monsters, skeletons, and witches. You can use NSPanel to turn off your smart bulbs when visitors open your door – except for one creepy skull in the corner. The lights go out, and all your guest can see is that dismembered skull with the fire of hell burning in its eyes. With NSPanel, you can also change the lighting strip brightness, dimmer, RGB, or color temperature all at your will, making the room more spooky. For string lights and regular lamps inside pumpkins or decorations, use SONOFF smart plugs to schedule your display, or have lights turn on or off in response to triggers.

NSPanel Works Like a Mad Scientist

What you need: NSPanel, Smart Lighting, Smart Plug

How to do it: You’ve done all the work to set up light displays outside of your home. Now make sure they are turned on every night when the sun goes down and turned off before the sun rises and all the monsters head back inside. By group adding all your smart lights and gear into NSPanel, NSPanel allows you to control the same type of smart home device individually or in group according to your specific preferences with just one tap, your haunted house will be powered up without you having to press a button one by one.