【Open Source】Nextion Intelligent Fish Tank Project

Our intelligent fish tank project has open source on github now. This post we’ll show you its effect demonstration. You can learn how to operate the interface and set the functions from our video.

Download nextion_fish_tank. Note: this file has been converted to be readable within windows CRLF line formatting.

Demonstration Video:


The intelligent fish tank is consisted of six sections, a main display section, and 5 functions sections, including time setting(Time), pump (Pump), feed (Feed), light (Light) and ultraviolet (UV). Because this project needs to realize these functions and set a timer, a lot of nextion components has been used inside. But do not worry, these components are set separately according to the function. I believe as long as you understand one function’s implementation way, you will naturally understand the others. In addition, the program has added AT commands set. You must pay attention to the realization mechanism for error handling in the program.

For all support files about this project, please visit here: https://github.com/itead/FishTank

If you have any ideas or questions, please post on Nextion forums.

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