Things You Need to Know about eWeLink App VIP Service

eWeLink App advanced plan

The recent event with eWeLink App advanced plan is sure to be focused on by our users which is because there is a value-added service being added to eWeLink APP – advanced plan. This plan includes enhanced IFTTT service, a web version for PC and tablet users, more scenes, etc. Whenever any new feature of the advanced plan comes out, existing advanced users will have immediate access to it. Due to IFTTT business plan, the IFTTT service in eWeLink becomes the privilege of eWeLink advanced plan, “Free Plan” users will no longer be able to link with IFTTT from June 30, 2020.

The value and right of eWeLink App advanced plan includes:

  • The device types that eWeLink supports in IFTTT are added from 15 to 41.
  • Newly added trigger conditions and actions


Motion detection (ZigBee SNZB-03)

Door/Window open or closed (ZigBee SNZB-04)

Temperature threshold (ZigBee SNZB-02)

Humidity threshold (ZigBee SNZB-02)

Single, double, long press (ZigBee SNZB-01)

Alarm notification (RF Bridge)


Set brightness

Set color temperature

Change color

Press RF remote

Turn on/off ceiling fan/light

  • eWeLink web (The web-based eWeLink app for PC/Mac/tablets)

With the eWeLink web version, users don’t need to download and install like the mobile app do. The web-based eWeLink App is to cover users on different devices including PCs, Macs or tablets, which enhance the compatibility of mobile App on controllable devices. All control is in a friendly-user large screen interface that provides you a better user experience.

  • Enhanced device management

The capacity of the device group is improved dramatically in the eWeLink advanced plan, which the number of each group is increased. The improvement in group management includes 10 homes, 200 rooms, 1000 scenes, 2000 groups and 100 shared users. As an eWeLink advanced App user, you can set more groups than free users for your home appliances to access more convenient control.

Users may ask: whether my devices connected with SONOFF can now be set the condition or perform device to trigger another one or be triggered in IFTTT application? Some of our SONOFF users noticed that their own SONOFF smart devices cannot be controlled based on triggers, conditions and actions in IFTTT component. However, some free eWeLink users still can use IFTTT service to manage SONOFF smart devices. Why did this happen? And will the free eWeLink users be limited to access IFTTT service for control of SONOFF someday?

As for the control of SONOFF smart devices in IFTTT service, please view the statement as below:

  1. Only eWeLink advanced users have access to IFTTT.
  2. If you want to use IFTTT, please update your eWeLink account to the advanced level immediately; if don’t want, leave out this update.
  3. As for free eWeLink users, all the applets you create with your eWeLink account will be cleared completely and can’t be reversed. So to make sure your current connection with SONOFF devices can continue to perform, you would better update it to the advanced level.
  4. You are the free user but can also run SONOFF devices in IFTTT at present, you are still recommended to update your eWeLink account to the advanced level immediately so that your current connection is not cleared.

*Only costs 9.9USD and you will enjoy a full year of the privilege. Kindly note that if you plan to upgrade your account to the advanced level, you are required to pay for it via PayPal. Other payment methods are not supported.


  1. How to activate the advanced plan?

Step 1: Visit the site of;

Step 2: Type in your eWeLink account and click “Upgrade Now”;

eWeLink App account upgrade

Step 3: Place the order and pay for the plan;

eWeLink App account upgrade

Step 4: Your advanced plan will be upgraded within 48 Hrs.

2.  How can I know about more details of VIP eWeLink plan?

You may access eWeLink App — Profile — Learn More, there is a subscription plan indicates the difference between Free and Advanced plan.

  1. I don’t have the PayPal account to pay the fee of the advanced plan, is there any other payment way?

Only PayPal is allowed currently.

  1. How can I buy the Pro plan of VIP eWeLink?

It will be launched soon, stay tuned.


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